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SUNSET BOULEVARD- It is a “stupendous reimagining” for Mert Dilek (TheArtsDesk, ★★★★★), a “tour de force” for Nick Curtis (Evening Standard, ★★★★★) and an “electrifying, revolutionary production” for Marianka Swain (LondonTheatre, ★★★★★). For Alice Saville (Independent, ★★★★), meanwhile, it is “shiver-inducingly thrilling” and for Neil Norman (Express, ★★★★) it is “an evening of dark delights”. Sam Marlowe (The Stage, ★★★★★). “With its stark, prop-free design, its noirish black-and-white palette, its jagged, sinewy choreography and its inspired use of live video, it’s as dark and glittering as a black diamond.” Hazel Holder is Voice & Dialect Coach on this Jamie Lloyd production.

Oct 25 2023

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