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Jane Karen works alongside Sam Rockwell, also known as Inspector Stoppard, to solve a puzzling yet dazzling murder case in See How They Run. Together they enter the world of glamorous theatre which features a shocking scene of homicide. Cue the mystery murderer…

Aug 26 2022

Set in London West End in the 1950s, a desperate American film producer arrives to try and adapt a popular play into a smash hit movie. However is abruptly brought to a halt after one of the main characters is murdered, and members of the cast begin dropping like flies soon after. It's left to the weary Inspector Stoppard and rookie Constable Stalker find to try and solve the puzzling case of whodunit, in a paradox world of glamorous theatre and dazzling sets. Directed by Tom George and produced by Damian George, this upcoming American comedy has everyone following the plot. Announcing his directorial debut George has said,

“I’m so excited to bring this thrilling, smart, funny murder mystery to audiences. Doing so with the company behind such brilliant ensemble films as Jojo Rabbit, Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel has really been the perfect fit.”

Released on the 9th September 2022, the audience await in anticipation. It's just a shame the murderer has stage fright...

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