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In Netflix’s new release, The Sandman, Daniele Lydon joins Neil Gaiman in bringing one of the most iconic DC comics of all time to life. The world of fantasy, the tales of mythology, and the dramas of soap opera collide in the dreamworld that is the Endless living moment.

Aug 02 2022

‘Above all, it is dark. Bodies explode, limbs are severed, and demons crawl out of the mouths of professional footballers, fist-first’ marks the latest review from The Guardian regarding Netflix’s latest release. And that is exactly what it is. The Sandman is full of the mystical and the magical, fantasy and the figment, however what runs through each of these is a darkness so deep it is silencing. But the emotion of each of the characters involved, exposed to such an extent it is almost unbearable to watch, forces viewers to share their horror. Journalist Rebecca Nicholson describes one episode that is filled with such depth and feeling as ‘a contender for best episode of the year, of any TV drama’, a perfect summary to what this series has bought to television.

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