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HEARTSTOPPER- Nick Trumble works on this Netflix show that explores love, friendship and sexuality in a joyous, powerful and uplifting way.

Apr 29 2022

Critics are raving about Netflix's new series.

Heartstopper has received a score of 100%, rating on Rotten Tomatoes meaning there's not a single bad review. The audience score comes in at an incredibly successful 98% too.

In a review for The Guardian, Rebecca Nicholson penned: "For this old cynic, such wholesomeness is a little hard to adjust to, and I am certainly not the audience its makers had in mind. But by the time I finish Heartstopper, I understand its appeal. It is a comic book fantasy about LGBTQ+ teenagers, and as such, it softens any hard edges and amplifies the sweetness of the romance at its centre. There is something altogether soothing about the time spent in its company."

Digital Spy’s David Opie called the show the most important British drama since It’s A Sin as it "centers queer love, affirming the feelings of young people watching who might be unsure or afraid to speak their truth". The reviewer admits he wishes he’d had this show growing up as he opened up about hopes it can help young queer people learn they don’t have to "fit the mold".

Lovia Gyarkye at The Hollywood Reporter commented on its sincerity and sweetness, pointing out this is its strength. The critic calls this approach "addictive" as she says the viewing experience will "stay with you long after the credits roll".

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