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Eddie Marsan stars in The Pact- Wowing audiences with his authentic Welsh accent with Liam French Robinson as his coach on this BBC thriller.

May 19 2021

Eddie, 52, plays Jack's grieving father Arwel, and he made quite an impact on viewers during episode two.

Taking to Twitter, one fan of the series wrote: "Binge watching #ThePact@eddiemarsan welsh accent is spot on I must say."

Another added: "I have to say- I’m enjoying #ThePact, and the central performances massively, but @eddiemarsan is pulling off a very good, authentic Welsh accent!"

A third tweeted: "Eddie Marsan’s Welsh accent in #ThePact is actually pretty good, fair play."

Meanwhile a fourth viewer tweeted: "@eddiemarsan your Welsh accent is spot on!!! Love it! #ThePact #bbc1 #bbcwales." Credit Best TV News.


The Pact is available in full on BBC iPlayer and airs on BBC One.

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