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Conor Fenton is an experienced teacher and linguist, and has worked as a language & dialect coach in the film industry since 2015. A graduate in Arabic and Russian from the University of Durham, he worked for over ten years as a teacher of English as Foreign Language and to Speakers of Other Languages, specialising in pronunciation – during this time he developed a keen interest in and mastery of phonetics.

During his degree, he spent time living and working in the Middle East and Russia, where he learned Arabic and Russian respectively. He has subsequently worked as a translator and interpreter. He is passionate about languages and in addition to Russian and Arabic, has good conversational French and German as well as a working knowledge of Japanese and Mandarin.

Conor's language training for actors comprises translation out of English into the target language; recording of the translation in the target language; the transcription of the translation in the Latin alphabet and the International Phonetic Alphabet; online coaching via Sykpe/FaceTime and on-set support prior to and during filming.

With experience of voice coaching individuals in business, working on public speaking, clear speech and accent-softening, Conor's work in accent-softening and clear speech has been with speakers of advanced English as a second language. To date, Conor has coached individuals from over 20 different professions and individuals from over 50 linguistic backgrounds.


Colin Firth – The Kingsman – Arabic

Toby Jones - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Russian

Daniel Brühl – Captain America: Civil War – Russian

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Work with actors includes:

The Old Oak- Arabic

Argylle- Arabic Translations & Coaching

Black Widow   –   Russian

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom   –   Russian language coaching

The Kingsman   –   Arabic language coaching


Translation and language resource work includes:

Captain America: Civil War   –   Russian

The Diplomat- Arabic

Hijack- Arabic


Liaison (Brussels)- Arabic

Happy Valley Series 3

Young Wallander 2


Danny Boy

Gangs Of London (Kurdish ADR)

Honour   –   Arabic language and accent coaching

No Mans Land  –   Arabic language coaching

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