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An experience like no other has arrived. Liam French Robinson has helped to bring Stranger Things to life in their new immersive experience, which gives anyone and everyone the chance to star in the show. Will you be able to survive the world of the Upside Down?

Aug 09 2022

Based in London, the Hawkins Lab is inviting visitors to partake in a study that will take them into a world full of stranger things. The experience is an interactive journey that lasts a whole hour, one that gives participants the chance to interact with their favourite characters, including Dustin, Mike, Lucas, Will, Max, Erica, and Eleven, and battle with the special effects. An 80’s extravaganza of merchandise, food, drink and photo opportunities greet visitors afterwards, followed by a superb production with interactive performers and props.

Described in brief by Gretchen Smail, ‘When you arrive, you’re shuffled into a waiting area and told you’ll be participating in a sleep study for Hawkins Power & Light. Sounds harmless, but the scientists in the area stare a little too hard at you, and jot down notes every time you speak or glance at them. From there, you’re ushered into Hawkins Laboratory, and as you can expect, you are definitely not participating in a simple study.’ What could go wrong?

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