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In a production dripping with ice-cold irony, Neil Swain works alongside Emily Watson where together they witness the harrowing realisation felt by a remote Irish town. Divine stewardship is not on the cards, and they are not God’s Creatures as they once thought…

Aug 18 2022

God's Creatures is a gripping new release from screenwriter Shane Crowley, produced by co-directors Saela Davis and Anna Rose Holmer. Set in a derelict coastal town in Ireland small enough that the tragedy and horror to unfold is felt by all remaining. Emily Watson stars as fierce but weary mother Eileen, who bears a deep, hidden hardship: one that is soon shared by the whole town after a young, local fisherman drowns at sea. In the wake following the tragedy, Paul Mescal arrives at the scene as Eileen's long lost son, and the source of the heartache is bought to the surface. However the trauma is not lifted...

Late one evening Eileen receives a knock at the door from a police officer and is asked to walk down to the station. A rape charge has been made against her son, and it is up to Eileen to provide an alibi claiming he was at home with her that night...

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