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The 21st Century Singer
Courses with Dane Chalfin and special guests 
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Two Day Bootcamp
for Singers, Teachers and SLT's
This course takes a highly intensive and practical journey through:
  • vocal anatomy/physioloy 
  • postural support
  • breathing and abdominal support 
  • primal sounds and changing vocal settings
  • high intensity voice and vocal effects
  • vocal hygiene  
  • interactive coaching sessions each day 
The course is suitable for all singing styles. Singers, singing teachers, and SLT's will all find the course beneficial. All of the theoretical information will be accompanied by practical exercises. 

The course is limited to 10 participants to ensure individual attention so early booking is essential.

£225 Earlybird (book and pay by 01/04/12)
£250 Standard
£225 Student

Download your application here.

June 2-3, 2012
Blueprint Studios
39 Queen St.
Manchester M3 7DQ
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10 Week Teacher Training
for Rock, Pop and Theatre Teaching 

This course meets for a three-hour session, once per week for 10 weeks. 


These interactive sessions explore the latest clinic research and how we can incorporate the most up-to-date information into our own pedagogy and teaching practice.  You will learn how to refine your existing skills and integrate new tools for troubleshooting and teaching advanced vocal maneuvers.  Participants will use each other as students for hands-on guided teaching practice.  The course will be led by Dane Chalfin and feature guest experts from other voice-related professions.


This intensive course is recommended for singing teachers and vocal coaches, musical directors, acting and voice teachers, SLT's interested in working with singers, and experienced singers who want to move into teaching.    



  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Releasing Vocal Tension
  • Effective Warming Up   
  • Active Posture
  • Recoil Breath
  • Abdominal Support
  • Primal Sounds
  • Registration 
  • Extending Range/Eliminating Unwanted Breaks
  • Formant Tuning and Twang
  • Extreme Voice  
  • Voice and Emotion
  • Song Interpretation
  • Vocal Hygiene, Health and Disorder 
  • The Voice Clinic: When and How                                                  

£595 Earlybird (book and pay by 01/04/12)
£625 Standard*
£595 Student


*A payment plan is available.  


Download your application here. 

June 9 - August 11, 2012
Blueprint Studios
39 Queen St
 Manchester M37DQ
Saturdays 11:00AM-2:00PM
Dane Chalfin
Vocal Coach, Principal Lecturer, NHS Singing Specialist
Dane Chalfin

Dane Chalfin is one of the UK's leading contemporary vocal coaches.  His clients have included charting bands like Hurts, Delphic and Everything Everything; performers like Peter Kay, Justin Lee Collins and Claire Sweeney; West End and major productions of Rock of Ages, The Producers and Mamma Mia; and record labels including Sony, Columbia, Universal and many independents. He is also Principal Lecturer in Voice at Leeds College of Music. 

Dane is the Vocal Rehabilitation Coach at University Hospital South Manchester where he works at the Elite Vocal Performers Clinic under Sue Jones, Head of Speech, Voice and Swallowing and Mr Phil Jones, Consultant Laryngologist.  

Dane is a director of the British Voice Association and a regular presenter at international voice conferences.  His special interest areas include extreme vocal technique, neurology, singing voice therapy, and endoscopic interpretation of singers.  His teacher-training events attract singing teachers, vocal coaches and voice therapists from all over the UK and Europe. 

Dane's book and DVD entitled "The 21st Century Singer" will be out in 2012 on Plural Publishing.


"Years worth of training and a box full of tools to use to become a compelling, exciting and secure singer..."

-Hannah Northedge, vocalist/vocal coach, London

"...a MUST for any singer or vocal coach to develop their own knowledge and impart up-to-date techniques to their students."
- Su Grainger, vocal coach/singer, Liverpool

"Simply essential for any singing teacher in the 21st century."
- Craig Lees, musician/singer/composer, Leeds

"The most uplifting and enjoyable vocal coaching course I have ever attended! Truly ground breaking and sensational. Thank you."
- Jacqui Wicks, singer/vocal coach, Yorkshire

"The course is thorough and detailed while Dane's presentation is dynamic and entertaining."
- Jennifer May, singer/vocal coach, London


"Thank you for the wonderfully informative weekend. Your energy and enthusiasm for research in singing and performance is incredible and it's great that you guys are sharing this information.   I truly feel that the course has revolutionised my own singing and teaching and I can't thank you enough."

- Barbara Amoakohene , vocal coach, ICMP London


"I can't stop talking about the weekend training we had. The two of you certainly opened my third eye.FANTASTIC!  I'm hungry for more!"

-Vic Bynoe, vocalist/vocal coach, ICMP London

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Twitter: @DaneChalfin
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